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Ever Young BioDimensionPioneer in Digital Healthcare

Ever Young BioDimension is founded by China Medical University (CMU) and The Aurora Group. The company provides design of customized medical assistive devices and medical services. Ever Young BioDimension is expertized in medical sector and acquires sensitivity to market from the medical background of CMU and integrated marketing accomplishment of The Aurora Group. The medical services implemented with advanced technologies can be continuously served to the public.

Ever Young BioDimension aimed to be most well established integrated 3D digital innovative medical service company in Taiwan and Asia-Pacific area. The business model is the first that combines hospital healthcare system. The medical products are diverse due to the advanced 3D medical technologies and the professional assist from dentistry, orthopedics, rehabilitation, plastic surgery and neurosurgery. The products include customized assistive surgical devices, customized medical molds, 3D medical software/hardware and consulting services in 3D printing medical applications. Ever Young BioDimension dedicated to be the greatest backup for medical institutions in Asia-Pacific area.


Combining the accomplishment in integrated marketing from The Aurora Group and medical background of the CMU, Ever Young BioDimension could help you to establish a diverse 3D printing center with short turnaround time with the latest advanced technologie.
The use of 3D printed customized assistive device that fabricated according to patient's medical image data could reduce discomfort during the course of treatment and recovery time.
3D printed customized model and silicone mold can be fabricated according to patent's medical imaging. The use of the customized products can increase diagnosis efficiency and quality of the treatment.
We are the distributor of various 3D printing machines, scanners and 3D design software. We provide professional solution with the industrial advanced 3D software and hardware.
長陽生醫首次與全球3D醫療設計大廠Materialise攜手舉辦的《醫療科技創新與發展技術論壇 暨 Mimics 20創新套件發表會》,12/9(六)於台北震旦大樓隆重登場
震旦集團旗下長陽生醫今(12/8)攜手全球3D醫療設計大廠Materialise,於《2017台灣醫療科技展》-中國醫藥大學暨醫療體系展區中,舉辦雙方合作簽約儀式,正式宣布導入全球最先進的Mimics 3D醫療設計解決方案與課程認證,成為台灣唯一提供課程訓練、專業認證、軟硬體三合一的服務模式,將全面導入全台逾1萬間醫療院所,並協助8千位醫生精進醫療3D設計,協助醫療人員從傳統醫療轉向數位精準醫療,未來將有效提升台灣3D醫療技術與世界接軌,有效深化醫療數位影像分析技術的普及。


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