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Ever Young BioDimensionPioneer in Digital Healthcare

Ever Young BioDimension is founded by China Medical University (CMU) and The Aurora Group. The company provides design of customized medical assistive devices and medical services. Ever Young BioDimension is expertized in medical sector and acquires sensitivity to market from the medical background of CMU and integrated marketing accomplishment of The Aurora Group. The medical services implemented with advanced technologies can be continuously served to the public. Ever Young BioDimension aimed to be most well established integrated

3D digital innovative medical service company in Taiwan and Asia-Pacific area. The business model is the first that combines hospital healthcare system. The medical products are diverse due to the advanced 3D medical technologies and the professional assist from dentistry, orthopedics, rehabilitation, plastic surgery and neurosurgery. The products include customized assistive surgical devices, customized medical molds, 3D medical software/hardware and consulting services in 3D printing medical applications. Ever Young BioDimension dedicated to be the greatest backup for medical institutions in Asia-Pacific area.

Our Main Services

We could help you to establish a diverse 3D printing center with short turnaround time with the latest advanced technologies.
Ever Young BioDimension is the distributor of Artec handheld 3D scanner, it's suitable for body and face scanning for reverse engineering model.
Geomagic innovative design software and Geomagic reverse engineering inspection software that it unleashed 3D medical design energy.
We provide professional solution with the industrial advanced 3D software and hardware.

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